How to choose the most suitable lining
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How to choose the most suitable lining for your chair

Choosing the most suitable chair or armchair model for one’s needs is crucial in relation to home design. Another important factor however is the choice of lining. Solid colour, melange shades, mesh or soft eco-leather fabrics: many different solutions for various objectives. Let’s have a look at the details.

Fabric chairs and armchairs, what colours to choose

Let’s be real, chairs and armchairs with fabric lining are undoubtedly a great attraction for people who wish to give a designer touch to their space without compromising on the aesthetic appeal that only fabric linings can offer.

This is why our Sem chairs catalogue includes many shades of fabric to fulfil the needs of even our most demanding customers. Our Fabrics are available in two versions. The first refers to solid colour fabrics which offer a bold look to your house or office. Red, blue, green, grey, black, light blue: many striking colours to play with contrasts, or for tone-on-tone in existing decor. We recommend this type of choice for people who do not appreciate half measures, neither in life nor in design, but on the contrary, who want to stand out with bold details. 

Or we still have many variations of melange fabric that go well in any space, without negatively affecting the rest of the furniture. The weave of different colour yarns is in fact a perfect solution for people who want a sophisticated yet also fashionable space. In particular, the grey melange versions are enjoying great success: a super versatile choice that offers elegance and dynamism to any type of space. 

The advantages of a chair or armchair with fabric lining do not finish here! Thanks to our on-going effort in support of sustainability, we are finally proud to announce that our fabrics are all recyclable! For a while now environmental impact has no longer been a debatable subject, this is why our team is constantly committed to finding all-round eco-sustainable solutions. It is no coincidence that not only the plastic frames are recyclable, but also the lining fabrics. Through a responsible attitude, we can all help protect our planet.

Eco-leather, the advantages of a classic lining

The Eco-leather version offers timeless charm for the lining of our chairs and armchairs. The trendiest colours of the moment include grey, ice grey, but also super trendy beige and brown, two slightly warmer shades which have recently become more popular.

Bolder styles are catered to through brighter colours such as red, yellow and orange. For lovers of the eternal black&white combination, we also offer black and white eco-leather.

To own an eco-leather-lined Sem chair means having a soft product, which distinguishes us from many other products currently on the market, but at the same time also means having an antibacterial chair. The recent evolutions of the pandemic pushed us to find a practical and effective solution also in terms of hygiene. In fact each one of our eco-leather chairs features an anticovid treatment, a special additive applied to the surface which lasts over time and that fights the spread of bacteria without ruining the surface of the chair.

Mesh fabric lining, the perfect ally for office chairs

2021 is Mesh Mania! The armchairs and chairs with mesh lining have the great advantage of being breathable and easy to clean. They are especially suited for the office setting where the work station and especially the chair become the place where you spend many hours, where you might even have lunch or snacks, where you might spill a coffee and so forth. Therefore this is the type of setting where the mesh lining is perfect for thorough cleaning where most needed.

Remote working has recently become more common and has de-contextualised the work space by placing it directly in our homes. Therefore it is possible to adopt a task chair to match your desk in your home office and therefore enjoy comfort, ergonomics and maximum performance. On this topic, if you missed our last article on the best chairs for remote working, we recommend clicking here.

Currently our Mash offers are available in white, grey and black with different mesh fabric densities, for advanced customisation.

If you need more information, or you wish to order your chair with the most suitable lining for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!