5 chairs for remote working
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5 tried and tested chairs for remote working

Reality is constantly evolving, now more than ever. Just like human relations, work also changes and today remote working is no longer a choice you can decline, but a reality you must learn to live with. At SEM we believe that innovation and sustainability are undeniable prerogatives of work.

This is how we design our chairs 

The design of our products develops from the attention to people’s needs, to create simple, functional and ergonomic products. Plus, the wellbeing and comfort of the worker in his/her chair affects his/her efficiency: working comfortably means working well. This is why we created SEM Task Chairs : combining usability and aesthetics, they can be placed in the work area filling empty spaces and enriching it with lines, shapes and colours. Today we have a choice of 5, 5 chairs perfect for remote working and the new working conditions. Let’s look at them together.

Cometa, the chair that offers high performance

The ergonomic Task Chair, Cometa , offers certified comfort thanks to its solid and efficient components with its design featuring streamlined and thin lines. The chair is able to guarantee wellbeing and stability thanks to its components which can be selected individually.

Cometa’s backrest comes in the modern mesh or padded version, offering in the latter case a chair that is compact yet soft and appealing. This solution in particular adapts perfectly to the worker who cannot move around and must spend at least 20 hours a week seated in front of the computer. The chair is in fact able to protect the lower back, an area which is highly sensitive to postural stress.

Lastly it is possible to insert both sliding seat and armrests: the latter have especially proven to be highly effective, facilitating correct posture when working remotely, achieving greater support by placing the weight of the arms on the armrests.

Moon, design minimal and smart lines

The Moon Task Chair is a smart solution for people looking for a simple design with soft shapes. Thanks to its versatile design the chair easily adapts to various types of spaces, adding colour with the backrest, available in single or bi-colour.

The chair offers good rest for the back, supporting it evenly. Like every chair, Moon is also highly customisable: it is possible to select the version with or without armrests, simple or height adjustable. Choosing Moon means opting for an ergonomic solution: the high performance of the chair, certified and built in observance of European and American regulations, it offers bold lines and bright colours suitable for various spaces. Remote working, like studying from home, will undoubtedly be more pleasant and staying seated longer will no longer be an issue.

Athene, accuracy and precision

Another Task Chair is Athene : the result of the union between craftsmanship and technology, this is also a model that offers both comfort and quality.

Available in black or grey plastic, this chair appears more meticulous and austere. The backrest is mesh with height-adjustable lower back support. Another benefit is the possibility of adjusting the chair to five positions. The health and wellbeing of your back is certainly protected by Athene. This chair for remote working is convenient and comfortable, thanks to the fire resistant rubber padding that you sit on. You can choose the model with or without armrests, but if you need to spend intense work hours seated, it is advisable to choose the model with armrests.

Cubox and Karin L: two solutions with an essential character

The Cubox and Karin L Task Chairs are suitable for people who work from home and are looking for a simple and minimalist chair that easily fits in with any room or office. The design of the two chairs has a slight variation: while the lines of Cubox are more elongated and rectangular, Karine L has a rounder shape, yet equally comfortable.

The padded backrest of Cubox can be adjusted to five positions, a bonus for people who work seated for many hours, while Karin L is built with permanent contact, offering excellent comfort. In addition to the possibility of inserting adjustable and fixed armrests, this chair can be lined with various types of fabrics, from the most neutral, such as red or grey, to brighter, being able to choose, at one’s own discretion, the most suitable colour for adding colour to one’s spaces and personality.

To learn the details of our Task Chairs contact us, or visit our showroom.